Shortly after the university closed, the Phillips University Legacy Foundation began with a dream to both honor the legacy of the University while transforming the world around them through providing life-changing scholarships and opportunities for leadership department.

The first scholarships were awarded to students in 2004 and the first leadership conference was held in 2005. Since then, the foundation has worked with alumni, friends and community partners to accomplish its mission which is to develop leaders who will transform the world!

Today, we still do that through providing scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students that ultimately make education not only more accessible and affordable, but also more transformative. Students receiving the awards are known as PU Legacy Scholars.  As part of the foundation's scholarship and leadership development program, students come together for the Annual Leadership Development Conference each fall as well as work year-round on their Volunteer Leadership Projects. Their individual volunteer leadership projects (VLP) or opportunities for them to work locally with a community group, social service organization or school program to make a positive impact in a critical area of need.

In addition to providing scholarships in leadership development, the foundation also works with partner organizations to honor and support both the University and its alumni.  The foundation hosts regular opportunities for alumni to gather and reconnect.


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