Phillips University was established in 1907 in Enid, Oklahoma, to serve students' educational needs. For over 90 years, Phillips attracted the best and brightest students who would go on to transform the world, making it a better place than it was before. Today, the foundation continues that legacy - developing leaders who also transform the world thanks to meaningful leadership development programs and significant scholarships that make education more affordable, accessible, and transformative.

The purpose of the 1907 Society is to recognize and honor individuals and families who help make that work and legacy possible by remembering the Phillips University Legacy Foundation in their estate plans. In addition, the Legacy Society offers a place to honor and share the stories of PU alumni, families, and friends. Your generosity can inspire others to make a similar type of gift.

When you make a planned gift to support the work of the Legacy Foundation, you become a member of the 1907 Society - a community connected by a shared commitment to leadership, scholarship, and, most of all, legacy. It’s a community that has chosen to invest in the future of countless lives who desire to learn, grow, and make the world a better, brighter place.

As part of the 1907 Society, you’ll be listed on our website and in our publications stating that you have chosen to leave a legacy gift to the foundation. Our staff will contact you about some biographical information that will be compiled and approved by you. Once a gift to the 1907 Society is received, this short biography will be placed on the website to memorialize your gift, your life, and your commitment to the foundation in perpetuity.

Planned gifts ensure that the work of Phillips University will continue on through the Legacy Foundation, transforming lives for generations to come. We invite you to explore the many ways you can make a lasting impact through a planned gift.


View the 1907 Society Guidebook here

To learn more about making a gift that will last for generations to come, please contact