The resume submission is an integral part of the Foundation's scholarship applications. Moreso than perhaps any other section of the application, it offers the applicant an opportunity to highlight experiences, both academic and beyond, over multiple years. To that end, the Undergraduate Scholarship Committee has put together the following guidelines to acquaint you with the Foundation's minimal expectations for resumes. 

Basic Guidelines:

  • General - Include current education, achievements, volunteer leadership projects and activities in your school, community, religious organizations, and work experience. 
  • Chronological Style - Use a chronological style with dates beginning with the most recent experiences.
  • Clarity - Keep it short (1 or 2 pages) and make it robust. Please do not use acronyms for names of groups, clubs, honors, events, or activities. Instead, speak clearly of your education, experience, and related activities.
  • Powerful & Proofed - Choose your words carefully and use strong action words to describe your accomplishments. Proofread and check for accuracy.
  • Contact Information - Place contact information at the top of the resume – name, address, home, cell phone numbers, and email address.
  • Leadership-Focused - Differentiate between your leadership roles and participation roles, making leadership growth and opportunities apparent.
  • Service-Focused -  Explain how you contributed to the needs of your campus and community; include your volunteer activities and highlight how you have solved problems or improved situations.