Stories Matter.

Stories are vital. When we share our stories, they remind us of where we came from, how we got here, and where we’re headed. In telling our stories and listening to the stories of others, we name what is important to us, build connections between people, and remind ourselves that everyone’s story matters.

The Phillips University community is filled with stories. For almost 100 years, Haymakers crafted stories of meaning and purpose, of joy and revelry, of growth and learning.  Stories came to life in the Marshall building and in Clay Hall, at Science Camp and in Sweden and in countless other locations on campus and beyond. 

The PU Story Project

That’s why we’re compiling this collection of stories. Stories of leadership, scholarship, service, and legacy. Stories of how Phillips University made our lives better and how we, in turn, used our time at PU to make the world around us just a little bit better too.

Project Details

Stories may be short reflections about your best memory or who inspired you the most during your time at Phillips. They may be longer narratives that recount powerful experiences and paint a vivid picture.

As stories are submitted, they’ll be shared online and compiled into a searchable collection. Stories may be collected in writing, over audio or video, and may be submitted with an author or anonymously.  We’ll be collecting stories in person as well as over email, phone, and video.

How to Get Involved

Share Your Own Story – Using our story guidelines and tips for a great story listed below, share your own story or stories directly with the project. Decide if you want to share a brief reflection by answering one of the pre-set questions found on our online form or share a longer self-guided narrative by picking a theme, topic, or question.  

Help Someone Share Their Story – a significant component of what makes storytelling so powerful is when we help somebody else share their story.  The power of listening and the

Nominate Someone – Do you know an alum, faculty, and staff member who has a story to share or whose own story had a transformative impact on your own? Nominate someone by using the form below and let us know if you’re interested in helping with the interview.

Join the Interview Team –  Do you have a passion for the PU story and helping others share their story? Join our volunteers in interviewing our alumni, faculty, and staff. Guidelines, tips, and interview questions are provided.

Be a Story Ambassador – Help us share news about the project with fellow alumni in your area or from your class year. This can be as simple as writing a letter to fellow alumni or volunteering to share about the project at local alumni gathering near you.

More PU Story Project Resources (Coming Soon)

Tips for A Great Story

Frequently Asked Questions

Story Guidelines